How To Deal With Mail And Wire Fraud Charges

September 20, 2019

How To Deal With Mail And Wire Fraud Charges

Mail and wire fraud are two of the common forms of white-collar crimes that entail a scheme to deprive the victim of their property or money. We can differentiate mail and wire fraud offences based on how they’re perpetrated. As the name suggests, mail fraud is committed through a mail service. On the other hand, wire fraud is carried out using wire transmissions like phone calls, text messages, email, or through any form of communication on the internet.

If you have been charged with a fraud offence in Canada, make sure you seek proper legal guidance to improve your situation. With the ever-evolving digital technologies, wire fraud has become a common phenomenon. A fraudulent activity that involves financial crimes and public corruption can be charged by federal prosecutors.

As a responsible Canadian citizen, you must know your rights in case you’re charged with a crime. Fraud offences are taken seriously as they carry legal consequences. So, make sure to consult an expert criminal lawyer who can defend you against fraud charges.

People who have been charged with mail or wire fraud should understand that the prosecutor doesn’t need to prove that someone was defrauded. These charges can be prosecuted if the party in question hasn’t lost anything. If you deliberately deceive a person to gain an unlawful advantage, you can be charged and convicted of the crime. Accepting money for services without the intention of providing them is an example of fraud.

The responsibility of a prosecutor in this regard is to prove beyond any doubt that the accused has made a deliberate attempt to commit fraud via wire or mail. Insider trading charges, bank fraud, health and insurance fraud are some of the crimes that fall under this category. No matter the nature of offence you have been charged with, only a specialist lawyer can help you avoid a criminal record.

Mail fraud offence in Edmonton

Section 381 of the Criminal Code covers the exploitation of a mail system to commit fraud. When someone uses a mail service to deliver letters with an intention to deceive the public or for the purpose of getting money under false pretenses, they can be convicted and sent to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 14 years. It’s also important to consider whether the offense exceeds five thousand dollars or not. In other words, we can divide fraud crimes into two categories, under and over $5000.

Falsely accused of a theft or fraud offence?

Many people are falsely accused of fraud offences. If this is the case with you, don’t hesitate to consult a criminal lawyer who can provide legal assistance. Mail and wire fraud are serious crimes. An indictment in these cases can have long-term social and legal consequences on your life.

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