Cocaine possession and cocaine trafficking charges in Alberta

Over the recent years there has been a growing insurgence of cocaine amongst social drug users. Considered a heavy drug by society, it carries strong addictive qualities and is hard on the individuals who use it. For this reason, the Crown has made efforts to fully prosecute those brought up on narcotic charges related to possession and trafficking of cocaine. Regardless of first time drug offense, or individuals with multiple drug charges, the Crown will pursue this cocaine possession and cocaine trafficking charges to the fullest.

It is for this very reason, if you are charged with cocaine possession within Alberta, that you seek the legal council of an Edmonton criminal lawyer immediately. Failure to solicit the advice and guidance of an experienced drug defense lawyer can result in strong penalties that will have long-lasting effects on one’s life.

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When facing cocaine trafficking or cocaine possession charges in Alberta, you need a criminal lawyer who can examine the terms under which you were arrested, question the evidence placed against you, and argue or negotiate for your dismissal.

If you, or a loved one, have been charged with drug possession or drug trafficking, contact our criminal law office and speak with one of our criminal lawyers in Edmonton. Drug charges in Alberta carry severe penalties and require an experienced and skilled criminal lawyer.

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    Penalties for cocaine possession and cocaine trafficking in Alberta

    Due to cocaine’s high profitability and relation to violence within gang and street level crime, the Crown is highly motivated to execute maximum penalties for the distribution of cocaine in Alberta. In the case of drug trafficking cocaine, the accused can face a life term in prison. In the case of cocaine possession charges in Alberta, the accused could be given a 7-year prison sentence under an indictable offense. Naturally, with the guidance of an experience drug defense lawyer, such sentences have the chance to be reduced.

    Crack Cocaine possession with the purpose of trafficking

    The laws of Alberta class cocaine and crack-cocaine under the same severity of charges and sentencing. Derived from pure cocaine, ‘crack’ is a modified version of cocaine that comes with serious health effects and addiction issues. It is for these same reasons of cocaine possession and distribution, crack is treated similarly by the Crown’s prosecution. If you are charged with the possession of crack, or dealing crack, you should meet with our Edmonton criminal lawyers immediately. These are serious charges that come with heavy penalties and they require the skill of an experienced narcotics lawyer.

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