Driving under the Influence of Drugs in Alberta

DUI due to Prescription Drugs or Illegal Drugs

Prescription drugs are more prevalent than ever; these drugs can be commonly prescribed for a plethora of ailments, syndromes, and disorders: insomnia, depression, anxiety disorders, pain, etc. Also, increasingly prevalent in today’s culture is the use of recreational drugs.

With the rise in the amount of prescribed drugs in our society, coincidentally, DUIs involving prescription narcotics are also on the rise – despite the fact these prescriptions explicitly state ‘do not drive or operate machinery while taking medication’, people still do. Thus, driving while under the influence may be a DUI without having consumed any alcohol. If you have been charged with a non-alcohol-related DUI, please contact the impaired driving lawyers at Slaferek Callihoo, in Edmonton, Alberta, at 780-809-1059.

Having been practicing criminal and DUI law for many years in Western Canada, the Edmonton drunk driving and criminal defense lawyers at Slaferek Callihoo are fully qualified to represent those charged with non-alcohol DUIs.

As the law considers any drug a narcotic, they also group drug-induced DUIs at the highest level of DUI offenses. A qualified DUI lawyer, from Slaferek Callihoo, knows every DUI arrest does not necessarily result in a conviction; often, there are plea deals or first-time offender programs for those who qualify.

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    Common Prescription Drugs Associated with a Drug DUI

    • Percocet
    • Vicodin
    • Ambien
    • Lunesta
    • Xanax
    • Phenergan
    • Valium
    • Flexeril

    Common Recreational Drugs Associated with Drug DUIs

    • Cocaine
    • Ecstasy
    • Marijuana
    • Heroin
    • Methamphetamines
    • Crack
    • Cocaine

    Commonly Exhibited Behaviours of Prescription Drug and Illegal Drug Ingestion

    • Slurred Speech
    • Altered Pupils
    • Decreased Motor Function
    • Changes in Breathing

    Helping You Navigate Through the Judicial System of Alberta

    Being charged with a drug DUI or impaired driving can be a very stressful, convoluted legal battle. The Edmonton impaired driving defense lawyers at Slaferek Callihoo are well equipped to handle your case; they know a good DUI lawyer examines the evidence against you completely for mistakes and/or technical flaws. Provided the medications are legally prescribed, your Slaferek Callihoo impaired driving defense lawyer will reiterate their prescription to the Crown. The DUI defense lawyers at Slaferek Callihoo will work relentlessly to demonstrate the prescribed drug was taken at the prescribed, therapeutic level.

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