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Dealing with firearm and weapon charges requires expert help. At Slaferek Law, we know the ins and outs of firearm and weapon offences as outlined in the Criminal Code of Canada and the Firearms Act.

Understanding The Types Of Firearm Offences

Let's break down the different kinds of firearm offences outlined in the Criminal Code of Canada:

  • Possession of a prohibited weapon or device (section 95)
  • Possession of a restricted weapon or device (section 95)
  • Unauthorized possession of a firearm (section 91)
  • Careless storage of firearms (section 86)
  • Trafficking in firearms (section 99)
  • Pointing a firearm (section 87)
  • Tampering with Firearm Serial Numbers (Section 108)

Our firearms and weapons lawyer delves deep into your case, examines evidence thoroughly, and designs a customized defence strategy. Throughout the process, Slaferek Law stands as your advocate, ensuring that your rights are upheld, and your voice is heard.

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    Firearm And Weapon Charges And Their Legal Aspect

    When it comes to firearm and weapon offences in Canada, the potential sentences upon conviction can vary widely based on the specific circumstances surrounding the case. The penalties can be as lenient as a complete discharge, which leaves the accused without a criminal record, or as severe as a life sentence in prison.

    The context of the offence, such as whether it involves violence, threats, or organized crime, can greatly influence the severity of the sentence. Depending on the severity and context of the offence, sentences can entail imprisonment for at least one, two, or even five years.

    Navigating The Complexities Of Defence

    Successfully navigating the intricacies of firearm and weapon offences demands comprehensive and diligent defence strategies. This involves factual accuracy, a deep understanding of legal nuances, consideration of constitutional aspects, and a commitment to safeguarding the rights of those charged.

    Evidently, the need for a committed and expert lawyer becomes crucial in these cases. With our weapon offence lawyer, you can rest assured that your legal defence is in the right hands.

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    Legal complexities can be overwhelming. When your rights and future are on the line, choosing the right lawyer can make all the difference. We have consistently secured favourable outcomes for clients facing firearm and weapon charges, establishing our reputation for excellence. We understand that every case is unique.

    Our defence strategies are personalized to your circumstances, ensuring the most effective approach for your situation. When your future is at stake, get in touch with our skilled firearms lawyer in Edmonton.

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