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In a society like Canada, where the judicial system has strict laws to discourage forced sexual attempts against any gender, race, and age group, the punishments for such offences are quite severe. Unfortunately, people holding grudges against each other tend to use the system against their counterparts. Sometimes, even lack of communication or miscommunication leads to misunderstandings and misinterpretations regarding consent issues.

While the reasons behind such accusations are vast, one thing is clearly common amongst them - a conviction for such an offence has the potential to destroy the life of the accused in various ways.

Hence, only experienced sexual assault defence lawyers at Slaferek Law, boasting a high success rate, can diligently represent you and fight the allegations.

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    Sexual Assault And The Rule Of Consent

    In Alberta and the rest of the country, the Criminal Code of Canada sets forth abroad definition of sexual offences that range far beyond traditional rape and forced penetration. The Act defines sexual assault as “any unwanted sexual act done by one person to another or sexual activity without one person’s consent or voluntary agreement.”

    Thus, besides physical activities like kissing, caressing, touching, and digital penetration, other acts like voyeurism, indecent public exposure, profane gestures, and uninvited sexual talks (including texts) are also considered sexual harassment.

    Unlike conventional times when consent wasn’t important between couples, recent laws mandate obtaining fresh consent for every sexual activity, even with an intimate partner. Evidently, defence in cases where an intimate partner lodges a complaint is quite complex.

    Similarly, the Act further divides sexual offences into different levels of severity, including:

    • Sexual interference (Section 271),
    • Sexual assault with a weapon (Section 272), and
    • Aggravated sexual assault causing bodily harm (Section 273).

    Thanks to the immense experience and diversity of our team of sexual assault defence lawyers, we are able to successfully defend our clients from all unjust accusations.

    Public Perception Vs. Legal Penalties

    While the legal outcomes of a conviction for sexual offence charges can prove quite detrimental, the public perception prior to a conviction is more harmful to an accused’s mental and emotional well-being. As compassionate sexual assault defence lawyers, we understand how painful it is to be presumed a criminal even though the law says you are innocent until proven guilty.

    For this reason, we draw from our expertise and profound knowledge to not only avoid a conviction but also publicly declare the charges as void.

    Sexual Assault Lawyers That Care

    Sexual offence charges leave much at stake besides your reputation. From travelling privileges to career goals, a lot is on the verge of peril. Even if you face charges for a minor offence, the fact that your name will land on the National Sex Offender Registry (NSOR) is enough to close many doors of opportunity in your face.

    You need to seek representation from a sexual defence lawyer that cares for your fundamental rights and works accordingly to minimize the adverse impacts of such criminal charges and possible convictions.

    If you face any major or minor sexual offence charges and do not want them to tarnish your reputation or affect your life goals, let the best sexual assault lawyers at Slaferek Law handle your case.

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