Debit Card and Credit Card Data Theft in Alberta

As our society becomes more proficient with the use of technology, there is a heightened circulation of personal data through e-mail, online banking, and e-commerce, there has been a significant rise in credit card and debit card data theft within Alberta. By definition, identity theft, credit card data theft, and bank card data theft, are all considered an act of fraud that involves the falsified documentation of an individual for the purpose of impersonating that individual for the accused personal gain. Due to the crime’s anonymous nature, and the long-standing financial damage it can cause a victim, the Crown views these crimes with little tolerance.

The accused are often charged under the act of constructing virtual copies of a citizen’s personal identification or banking data. This typically results in shopping sprees or bank withdraws through the fraudulent use of another individual’s personal data. In response, prosecutors are reacting with greater sophistication, evidence, and severity of sentences when pressing such charges.

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    The penalties of credit card and bank card data theft in Alberta

    The charges of credit card and bank card data theft often draw a great deal of sympathy from the court for the victims of the crime. The cases are often complex with the extensive documentation, hard evidence, and the result in zero-tolerance as a means to discourage others tempted in quick-rich schemes. It is for this very reason that individuals accused of credit card data theft, or bank card data theft, meet with an experienced Edmonton criminal lawyer immediately. A lawyer with a strong knowledge of credit card fraud can navigate the accused through the legal process, and explore numerous avenues such as valid warrants and police procedures, and disclosure by the Crown. These aspects of a case can have a significant effect on the future of the accused.

    Fraud under offenses involve frauds of a cash value that are $5,000 or less, carrying much lighter sentences than those involving fraud over $5,000. These greater charges can also be considered as a property crime that can lead to multiple counts of fraud. Depending on the circumstances, there may also be the involvement of Breach of Trust, possibly between an employer and employee. The level of sophistication within the criminal act can have a serious impact on the outcome of the accused. In these instances, it is absolutely imperative that you employ the services of an Edmonton criminal lawyer who fully understands credit card fraud, bank fraud, and identity theft within Alberta.

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