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Embezzlement is a very common type of white collar crime committed within Canadian society. It is a crime involving the misuse of company items, company property, or company finances someone has been entrusted with. This misuse is typically done by a person holding a high-level financial position, for example a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) or a Controller. People in these positions of authority may abuse their power and use company funds for personal use or for personal financial gain.

The most common form of embezzlement is employee theft. White collar crimes, including embezzlement, fraud, and money laundering convictions, carry with them severe legal consequences. Ultimately, the penalty for embezzlement is determined by the actual monetary value of the misappropriated property.

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    Establishing a Case for Embezzlement

    Being convicted of embezzlement, in a court of law, is contingent on several things. First, the prosecution needs to demonstrate a fiduciary relationship between the accused and the person, party, or entity who lost or misused the property or funds. It must be proven the property or monies came into the defendant’s possession via a fiduciary relationship. It must then be proven the defendant fraudulently assumed ownership of the property and intentionally misused the property.

    Signs of Embezzlement

    As it is not uncommon for employees to have full access and liberties regarding company property, it can be very easy for them to embezzle said property. Common signs of embezzlement, or employee theft, are inaccurate accounting records. These records will usually have inexplicable gaps in the records. Missing petty cash, multiple or duplicate payments, unbalanced accounts payable and accounts receivable, or missing financial documents are also signs of possible embezzlement.

    It is not uncommon for the prosecution to focus heavily on such items if your case goes to trial. A skilled, experienced, tenacious Edmonton embezzlement defense lawyer can help you develop a strategic defense in an attempt to protect your rights.

    Being charged with embezzlement, money laundering, misappropriation of funds, or any other white collar crime may have severe lifelong consequences – on both your personal and professional life. If convicted, your freedom, your rights, your financial status, your employability are all affected.

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