Defending Extortion Charges in Alberta

Extortion is defined as a criminal offense that involves the use of intimidation, coercion, or threats as a means to obtain a good or service from another individual. Unlike robbery or theft, extortion charges are characterized by the willingness of the of the victim to succumb to the demands of the accused.

Extortion is considered a very serious white collar crime under the Criminal Code of Canada. Such charges bring heavy penalties that can even result in long-term jail sentencing, depending on the severity surrounding the charges.

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    Similar charges to extortion in Alberta, and penalties

    Extortion, under the Criminal Code of Canada, encompasses a series of criminal acts such as blackmail, bribery, and ransom. These acts carry heavy sentences and are typically pursued to the fullest by Crown prosecutors. In some cases, sentences can range up to 20 years.

    The following is a range of possible sentences that can be received by someone convicted of extortion:

    • Heavy fines ($1,000 – $10,000)
    • Significant prison sentencing
    • Probation or parole
    • Restitution for victims

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