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The Canada Revenue Agency oversees and governs the private and commercial tax revenues for the nation. Considered by most to be difficult to deal with, they have a very stern and strict approach to tax filings, payment timelines, and penalties. Furthermore, the Canadian tax code for public citizens and private business can be very convoluted, confusing, and vague.

These attitudes toward the Canada Revenue Agency can be only heightened upon the realization you are under investigation by the agency. Being accused of late-filings and unpaid taxes can bring a great deal of stress to your life, family, and or business. To compound matters, the CRA’s attitude and approach to these matters are typically unforgiving and unsympathetic. It is for this very reason that you should strongly consider the consultation of an Edmonton criminal lawyer who focuses on defending tax evasion and tax fraud within Alberta.

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If you are facing tax evasion or tax fraud charges in Alberta, you should contact our tax fraud lawyers in Edmonton, Alberta. Our firm has a focused experience in defending clients in these matters, and a client’s position only improves with their acceptance of hiring a legal defense. Contact our Edmonton law office and book an appointment to discuss your tax matter in a confidential setting.

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    Steps In Preparing A Tax Evasion Case in Alberta

    Working through the charges of tax fraud or tax evasion in Canada can be a long and stressful process. When facing such charges, it is paramount that you engage a skilled tax lawyer who has experience in managing charges of tax fraud / tax evasion within Canada. A successful prosecution by the CRA can involve years in processing and can result in:

    • Compounding interest.
    • The seizure of personal assets and property.
    • Incarceration with significant jail time.

    The Canadian Revenue Agency does not operate within the typical parameters or systems of a provincial court. They are a specialized group of federal prosecutors who have a great depth of experience and endless resources for the means to extract whatever assets they can from the accused for the benefit of the national government.

    It is in these circumstances that you must consider the benefits and advantages of hiring a skilled and focused Edmonton tax lawyer who is equally equipped to combat charges of tax evasion and tax fraud. It is most important that, with the assistance of our Edmonton tax fraud lawyers, you protect the seizure of your assets, freezing of financial funds, and that you do not incriminate yourself further through unnecessary disclosure of private documents or procedures.

    Common Charges Made by the Canada Revenue Agency

    Charges that are pursued by the CRA can be complex, involve a great deal of documentation on behalf of the defendant, and the agency. As mentioned, such charges can involve years of processing, research, and disclosure by the defendant of such tax fraud or tax evasion charges. It is important to realize that, as the CRA imposes their will upon you, your tax lawyers in Edmonton have the legal right to request and suppress certain aspects of the case as well. The following are a number of common fraud related charges our tax fraud lawyers can defend in Edmonton:

    • Tax Evasion
    • Filing a False
    • Misleading Statement
    • Failure to File
    • Failure to pay GST
    • Failure to pay Corporate Tax
    • Failure to pay Provincial Tax
    • Customs violations (failure to declare money, jewelry or other merchandise at the border)

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