Trust Theft or Employee Theft in Albertan

Trust Theft is also commonly recognized as Employee Theft, Workplace Theft, or simply Embezzlement, and the penalties stemming from such activity can be very serious, depending on the measure of theft. In the case of most employers, it is company policy to fully report and charge accused employees as an avoidance for liability regarding suffered loses.

If you have been charged in Alberta with Trust Theft (Employee Theft) it is important that you measure your relationship and cooperation with your employer and their corporate staff. Instead, carefully weigh your legal options and consult with our Edmonton criminal lawyers who have experience in these matters.

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As mentioned, Breach of Trust or Trust Theft cases are very complex, and can often carry significant jail time sentences within Alberta. If you have been charged with Breach of Trust, contact our Edmonton criminal law office immediately and receive consultation for your rights.

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    Penalties and implications of Trust Theft in Alberta

    When facing criminal charges for Trust Theft (Employee Theft), you should be aware of the differences between major and minor employee theft. In cases where less than $5,000 has been stolen, considered “theft under $5,000”, there is far less chance of the accused being prosecuted as a white collar offence. In the case of “theft over”, or “theft over $5,000”, the accused will be prosecuted for assets valued greater than $5,000 in total. In this circumstance, the sentencing for a Breach of Trust case can be severe and qualify as a white collar crime. This can result in significant jail time, even for first-time offenders.

    In this instance, you must hire a criminal lawyer who is very well-versed in the matters surrounding white collar criminal charges, as these cases can be extremely complex and will require a great deal of research and resources for a legitimate defense.

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