Theft And Fraud Charges in Canada: What You Need To Know

April 26, 2019

Theft And Fraud Charges in Canada: What You Need To Know

People sometimes get involved in situations or operations that turn out to be unlawful. If you’ve been charged with theft or fraud in Canada, it might be challenging for you to get out of the situation without consequences. From an internet scam and shoplifting to highly sophisticated financial fraud and funds transferred to offshore accounts, there are so many different types of crimes that come under the theft and fraud category.

Fraud under $5000

While theft or fraud activities that involve less than $5000 are considered lesser offences, the impact of a conviction can have a devastating impact on your professional and social life. You may end up with a criminal record along with jail time and fines. Therefore, talk to an experienced theft and fraud lawyer who can defend your situation and help you avoid being faced with a criminal record.

Theft and Fraud

Theft and fraud often go hand in hand. However, there is a difference between theft and fraud. Theft refers to a situation when a person takes another person’s property without their consent. The accused can be found guilty when it is established that the accused knew the property belonged to someone else and that the property was removed with the intention to deprive the owner of it permanently.

In order to be found guilty, the Crown Prosecutor has to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you moved something or caused something to be moved that belong to someone else with an intention to steal it permanently without the owner’s consent. It’s also important to establish the approximate value of the assets you tried to steal.

Most shops and businesses install CCTV cameras which monitor all activities. If the CCTV footage shows someone stealing something, it’s a piece of strong evidence. If you have been charged with theft and there is strong evidence against you, only an expert theft lawyer can help you out in such a situation. At Slaferek Law, we can help you get theft charges dropped without a criminal record with the help of a competent criminal defence lawyer.

Penalties for theft in Canada

If a person is convicted of theft in Alberta, the sentence they receive may vary greatly depending on the circumstances. The court will take into account the value of the stolen objects and the previous criminal record of the accused.

When someone breaches a position of trust by stealing something while at work, it’s considered a serious crime and the accused may receive a harsh sentence. The severity of the penalty increases when the accused has already been convicted of theft in the past. Regardless of your circumstances or situation, the best way to deal with theft and fraud charges in Alberta is to hire an experienced and dedicated criminal lawyer who can defend your case no matter the severity of the crime.

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