Understanding Legalisation Of Marijuana In Canada

March 26, 2020

Understanding Legalisation Of Marijuana In Canada

Since marijuana has been legalised for recreational use in Canada, there has been an atmosphere of uncertainty regarding who can use it and how much marijuana can be possessed, grown or used by a person. Let us make things clear so that you don’t end up getting in trouble with the law enforcement agencies, unknowingly and require the help of a drug offence lawyer.

If you are underage, it’s illegal

Marijuana is not accessible to everyone. The fact is that underage people cannot use marijuana. The legalisation is just for the people who are of legal age. Mind you that the age restrictions also vary in different provinces of Canada, ranging from 18, 19 and 21.

Can you grow marijuana at home?

Yes, but there are restrictions. You cannot grow more than 4 marijuana plants in one residence. You cannot grow and supply the plants to anyone. Legally speaking, you can only grow plants that are for personal use. Quebec does not allow homegrown plants.

Can’t sell marijuana

In Canada, people sometimes find it difficult to digest why the selling of marijuana is prohibited when buying and growing it at home is legal. The answer is that the government is trying its best to restrict and minimise the use of this drug. Commercialising marijuana is intended to keep the sale of marjuana under control of the government and eliminate the resale done by individuals.


There is no strict regulation regarding edibles just yet. But you should still be careful with the amount of these items you have in your possession. The authorities have not yet found a way to regulate edible marijuana use.

Transporting marijuana

If you’re flying within Canada you are permitted to carry up to 30 grams of marijuana. When traveling outside of Canada you are not permitted to carry any amount of marijuana.

Don’t light up anywhere

The places where you are allowed to smoke marijuana are limited and specified by the government and authorities. You cannot just go out and use it anywhere. In order to avoid any penalty, fine or other punishments, you should be aware before using it at your will. The laws tend to vary from province to province. This is why you have to be vigilant enough to know your boundaries.

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