Your Right To Speak With a Lawyer After You’re Arrested

November 15, 2019

Your Right To Speak With a Lawyer After You’re Arrested

When law enforcement authorities decide to arrest you, they’ll take you into custody. If the police arrest you, chances are they have reasonable grounds to charge you with a criminal offence. If this is the case, ask the police to let you talk to a lawyer right away.

Right to Counsel

The term ‘right to counsel’ refers to the right of a person to have the assistance of a lawyer. If someone can’t afford to hire a lawyer, the government is supposed to bear the defendant’s legal expenses. The right to a fair trial can only be exercised when the defendant has the assistance of a lawyer.

The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom gives Canadians the right to counsel upon arrest or detention. So, before you say anything to the police, talk to a competent criminal lawyer first to know your options.

The police must inform you about your right to counsel without delay. However, we need to look into other aspects. For example, should the police have to help you contact a lawyer after you’re arrested? What do police have to do to help you contact your lawyer?

How the police may help you exercise your right to counsel

Once you’ve decided to speak to a lawyer upon your arrest, the police must help you talk to a lawyer as soon as possible. If you know a lawyer, the police officers have to help you contact that particular lawyer. You have the freedom to choose your lawyer. However, make sure to choose the right lawyer. For example, if you have been charged with a DUI offence, hire a reputable lawyer that specializes in DUI-related cases.

It’s important to understand that you also have the right to remain silent. A police officer can’t interview you or ask you to testify. The information you provide to the police can be used against you during the court proceedings. So, remain silent and seek legal guidance.

The police can help you speak with lawyers in different ways. In some situations, a police officer might give you access to a telephone and a phone book or even the internet. If you want to speak to your family or friends to get the contact number of a particular lawyer, the police are supposed to call them and get the information for you.

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In Canada, an arrested or detained person can speak with more than one lawyer to know about their options. A person might need to consult more than one lawyer to get the right advice. You’re entitled to get the legal advice you need to properly defend your situation.

If the police are unable to reach your lawyer, they can leave a message so that the lawyer may respond. In case the police fail to provide the arrested access to counsel, this would be considered as a violation of the fundamental rights. The prosecutor might not be able to use the evidence against you in case your rights have been violated.

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