5 Best Ways To Respond To DUI Charges

May 14, 2020

5 Best Ways To Respond To DUI Charges

With improved legislation regarding impaired driving (DUI) offences already in place throughout Canada, maximum penalties for these charges have already been increased countrywide. The police have been given complete authority to conduct a roadside screening test to decide whether or not the driver is under the influence of prohibited drugs or not.

From the suspension of your driver’s licence to creating immigration-related problems, DUI charges can seriously affect your routine life. You can still be turned away at the border if you even have a single DUI (driving under the influence) charge on your criminal record. Apart from that, it will also create lots of challenges for you like getting a job in the future or your ability to drive for some time.

Nonetheless, it’s vital to know what kind of choices you have when you’re charged with impaired driving offences. Hence, we present to you the five best ways in which you can respond to DUI charges being a responsible citizen.

Cooperate With The Police

Being pulled over by the police while driving is never an easy encounter to deal with. It’s always a good idea to be polite and respectful. That’s why we recommend you to cooperate with the authorities as much as you can and adhere to their demands, especially when they ask you to take sobriety tests.

If you decide to resist and fail to follow the police officer’s orders; you could be charged with refusal or obstruction, making your case even harder to defend in the court of law. On the other hand, when you fully comply with their instructions, also if you’re charged with “over 80,” you will have more defences available to you because you chose to be responsible and provided the police with your breath sample.

Follow All Legal Procedures

If you’re arrested and charged with a DUI offence, you’ll be provided with some legal documents directing you to go to a police station for fingerprinting purposes and also to attend court. Follow all legal procedures given in these documents and appear whenever and wherever you’re required to do so.

Failing to attend the fingerprinting process or court will lead to the issuance of a warrant for your possible arrest and charges of additional offence for not complying with the legal procedures.

Write A Detailed Statement

If you’re arrested and charged with an impaired driving felony, make sure you write down details of everything that happened as much as you can. Having a detailed written statement will assist your DUI defence lawyer in identifying possible defences. It’ll also enable you to recall events, making your defence even more useful.

Contact An Expert DUI Lawyer

Call a professional DUI lawyer near you without wasting any time so that he or she can work on your case right away. It’s essential to choose a reliable attorney to help you with your case immediately as your court date may be approaching rather quickly. Waiting too long to select a lawyer will only result in affecting your life as your counsel will need more time to prepare your case.

Tell Your Lawyer The Whole Story

Do not hesitate to talk to your DUI defence attorney if you’re already struggling with alcohol dependency or substance abuse. If your DUI charges were due to your ongoing struggle with drug addiction or alcohol; you may receive a curative discharge if you’re willing to take positive steps to address your issue.

A curative discharge will not only result in preventing a criminal record, but also assist you significantly in overcoming the drug addiction that led to your criminal charges in the first place.

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