The Benefits Of Hiring A Drug Offence Lawyer

October 11, 2019

The Benefits Of Hiring A Drug Offence Lawyer

Drugs are deeply rooted in our society. People today start using drugs as early as the age of adolescence. Children going to schools are exposed to drugs. If this is not enough, modern synthetic drugs are now being customized to avoid detection and seizure by the security agencies and drug control authorities. Synthetic drugs are odourless, colourless and they come in the form of bath salts and cleaning liquids which makes them very difficult to detect. This advancement in manufacturing, trafficking and consumption of illicit drugs has forced security agencies to become more efficient and strict as a reaction.

Some states and provinces in the US and Canada allow the use of certain drugs to be consumed after a doctor prescribed them to their patients. Still, the majority of the consumers do it for recreational purposes rather than having them because of a medical or psychological condition. These reasons all combine together to make the police more aggressive in fighting against drug-related offences. Therefore, they make sure the people who are caught in possession of drugs are charged with a maximum degree of crime making the case very difficult to win. This is where the help of an experienced drug offence lawyer is required. Read this blog in its entirety to find out why you should hire a professional drug offence lawyer if caught with drugs.

Search and Seizure without Permission

The legal approach to fight a case is very different than an ordinary mind would think. Lawyers are trained and educated to legally assess the situation where their client could have been apprehended with drugs. In some cases, if the police used force or searched a vehicle or any type of property without a search warrant or permission of the person being accused this proof cannot be presented in court.

Drugs Belong to Someone Else

Drug offence lawyers always ask their clients if the drugs found in their possession was theirs or not. This practice is important as most of the time police may have collected evidence but they can commit a mistake by accusing the wrong person. This way a professional lawyer could help his or her client in avoiding a severe sentence from the court.

Crime Lab Results

Lawyers also remain in contact with all the stakeholders and the investigative entities that are part of any case related to their clients. There can be many malpractices while the case is in progress. This is why an actual lab test of the drugs found in possession of their client will be mandatory. The test will give the lawyers information if the drugs are actually real or not and if they are real how much purity do they have as these findings can affect the decision of the courts.

Drugs Misplaced in Police Custody

Once the case is registered in the court, the drugs that were found by the police are often transferred multiple times from one place to another. Lawyers make sure that the drugs found are not replaced or misplaced by anyone while the legal process is due. There is always a possibility that the drugs may be lost while the case is in progress. Having a professional lawyer can definitely help you in such situations as the case cannot be carried further without the initial proof and drugs found in the possession of the accused.

Planted Drugs

Possession of drugs for personal consumption or with the intent to sell others can be planted as well. The lawyers understand that their clients can be wrongfully accused. This is why a professional drug offence lawyer will ask their clients not to talk to the police officers without their presence. Lawyers need to make sure their clients are not pressurized by the police and that the clients do not admit to something that could be used against them in court.

Entrapment By Someone

Police officers often work with local informants when they investigate any drug-related crime. The drugs used by the informants cannot be used to prove that they were part of the crime. This concept is well learnt by lawyers who deal with drug-related crimes. It is essential that the people who were actually informants of the police hire professional lawyers in case they are also accused of a crime. To add more in this context, the drugs that are given by the state cannot be used as evidence in the courtroom.

Exceptions in Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana or any other prescription drugs have some exceptions of use by the masses, however, these exceptions are not standard and vary from province to province. Medical marijuana cannot be used as a recreational drug or sold to another person. There are many details that add up to create legal cause for the police to arrest someone who may even have a prescription from the doctors. It’s always wise to call upon a drug offence lawyer in case of a legal proceeding for medical marijuana as well.

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