Common Penalties For Aggravated Assault Cases

February 21, 2020

Common Penalties For Aggravated Assault Cases

Aggravated assault charges include some of the most severe criminal cases found throughout the criminal justice system. In fact, developed countries like Canada, the US and UK take very harsh legal actions related to aggravated assault charges. In this respect, professional criminal justice lawyers always advise never to take such accusations lightly and you should contact appropriate legal assistance at your earliest convenience. To understand more clearly what common penalties one can face in case of being a defendant in an aggravated assault case, please continue reading onward.

There are many similarities in common assault and battery cases; however, aggravated assault is a significantly higher degree of assault which might be conducted by an accused person. Aggravated assault often includes the use of a deadly weapon and the degree of harm done to a plaintiff is usually severe. People often confuse penalties related to assault cases and think they will be the same as aggravated assault cases, which is entirely wrong and must be understood correctly.

Long Term Imprisonment

The penalty, if found guilty in an aggravated assault case, consists of significant long term imprisonment. Usually, you can face imprisonment of ten years or more depending upon the degree of harm done and the condition of the victim(s). This type of long term imprisonment is often sentenced in cases of murder or attempted murder in the first degree. It can be clearly understood that the imprisonment penalty for an aggravated assault charge is significantly higher when compared to regular assault or battery cases.

Shown On Permanent Record

If a person is found guilty in an aggravated assault case, he or she will most certainly end up serving prison time. Once they are released after serving their time, this case history will be displayed in governmental and personal records for life. This type of permanent record cannot be cleared or removed. Keeping this in mind, no one will want to have such a damaging scar on their permanent record as it will damage their personal, social and professional standing.

Significant Fines

If found guilty in an aggravated assault case, the government is liable to impose significantly higher fines on the defendant. Countries like Canada have minimum relaxation in aggravated assault cases making this a grave concern for the people who might have been accused in such a situation. Regardless, if the accusation is of a typical assault case, the fines can be raised to thousands of dollars if the plaintiff has suffered serious grievances which might be unintentional from the defendant’s point of view. In this respect, if you are facing aggravated assault charges it is essential for you to seek proper legal representation.

Loss Of Right To Possess Weapons

People found guilty in aggravated assault cases are not allowed to possess deadly weapons legally. This can be a serious issue if you are concerned about your safety and security. If you are found possessing any weapon(s) without any legal documentation, you can expect to face further serious penalties.

Compensation To The Victim

A person found guilty in an aggravated assault case will be forced by the court to compensate the victim through monetary means. This will be done apart from the fines the state will impose on the defendant when found guilty.

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