Factors Affecting Costs Of Hiring DUI Lawyer Services

June 5, 2020

Factors Affecting Costs Of Hiring DUI Lawyer Services

If you or someone you know has recently been charged with your first DUI, then you must have some questions about DUI lawyers and their legal fees. Conducting proper research on which type of lawyers to hire is critical to making the right decision. In this article, we’ll provide a comprehensive answer to one of the first questions asked today about DUI lawyers, “What determines DUI lawyer Fees/Costs?”

The total costs of availing the services of the best DUI defence lawyers can vary significantly, depending on several factors, which are described below:

Experience And Successfulness

The most crucial element in determining the impaired driving lawyers costs and fees is the experience,

seniority, and success rate of the attorney. The increased successfulness of lawyers indicates the higher amount of value they can add to your individual DUI case.

Increased Demand For Services

The skill and authority of DUI lawyers are generally interconnected with how much they are in-demand among their existing and new clients. This follows the exact “supply and demand” principle that we are familiar with relative to the general market. As the overall value of a particular DUI attorney increases, demand for availing their services also increases.

Location And Number Of DUI Attorneys

Several experienced, senior, and successful DUI lawyers practice law in a city. An increased number of DUI lawyers in the same town means enhanced competition among these DUI attorneys, which ultimately results in decreased hiring costs of these DUI lawyers. On the other hand, highly skilled DUI attorneys in a small town are hard to find. The lower the number of DUI lawyers, the higher the service fees will be.

Access To Mentorship And Resources

Having increased access to high-quality resources and effective mentorship also leads to an increase in the costs of hiring DUI lawyers. Sometimes, even a junior-level DUI attorney’s service fees can be significantly high due to increased supervision from senior DUI lawyers and greater access to essential resources like high-profile legal cases. This enhanced exposure to top DUI attorneys’ case files gives them much-required knowledge about all the technicalities of DUI cases, which would otherwise not be possible if they have been working on their own.

DUI Case Complexity

All DUI cases are unique; not all DUI’s are similar, and increasingly complex DUI cases tend to cost more than simple ones. Each impaired driving-related incident involves certain technicalities such as blood sampling, drug analysis, and other vital processes.

There’s much work required to successfully unearth all the technical defences involved in DUI cases and conduct trials in court. The prosecution may even span over several days and also require many pre-trial motions. All of these factors increase a DUI case complexity, driving up the service fees of a DUI lawyer.

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