How Foreigners Can Get Criminal Legal Services In Alberta, Canada

August 9, 2019

How to Get Criminal Legal Services in Alberta Canada By Foreigners

Foreigners can sometimes get into difficult situations while traveling abroad and can sometimes be accused of crimes. Alberta is among the most popular regions of Canada which is a great international tourist destination. To gain access to the best criminal defence lawyers, aggravated assault lawyers, and white-collar crime lawyers in Alberta you need to know the best legal service providers who are based here and are familiar with the laws of the land.

As the population increases there are more cases pending in the courts anywhere around the world. This is the reason there has been increased efforts to regulate and enhance the trial proceedings throughout the first world countries including the legal process of Canada. In this context, the legal process of Canada requires that a local legal specialist is hired for the case at hand.

The Right to a Fair Trial

Any person regardless of their age, gender, sexual orientation, culture, race or even religious belief is entitled to receive a fair and free legal trial that will allow him or her to prove their innocence in the jury-based court hearing. The purpose of this universal human right is to allow the convicted person to defend themselves in case they are wrongfully convicted.

Foreigners in this sense are less likely to know all the laws of the country they are visiting and could easily be accused of a crime they never had intended. The court saying in this situation considers the accused person not guilty unless he or she is proven otherwise.

As the legal system is prepared to manage such situations the best lawyers suited for the scenario should be approached by foreigners who are not familiar with the local law. In addition to the complementary rights of freedom of persons that the Constitution establishes the following complementary protections for the safety of persons is also mandatory under the rule of law and safeguarded by Slaferek Callihoo Criminal Law legal service providers in Alberta, Canada:

Legal Assistance Is Mandatory for Due Process

Defense and legal assistance are inviolable rights in every state and degree of investigation and process. Everyone has the right to be notified of the charges for which they are investigated, to access the evidence and to have the time and adequate means to exercise their defence. Evidence obtained through violation of due process will be void.

Every Person Is Presumed Innocent Until Proven Otherwise

Slaferek Callihoo Criminal Law makes certain no person may be forced to confess guilt or testify against himself, his spouse, or relative within the fourth degree of consanguinity and second degree of affinity. The foregoing precept condemns and invalidates any statement of the presumed guilty parties against themselves or against their relatives in the degrees expressed when it has been forcibly removed. The confession will only be valid if it is made without coercion of any nature.

Foreigners may be punished for acts or omissions that were not provided as crimes or simply unintended, offences or infractions in pre-existing laws. Likewise, it may not be brought to trial for the same facts by virtue of which it had been previously judged. This is where the role of professional legal service providers can come in handy for anyone who is new to Alberta in particular.

Social and Travel Rights of The Accused under Trial

Slaferek Callihoo Criminal Law makes certain that any person may freely and by any means travel through the Canadian territory, change their domicile and residence if they are local, leave the country and return, move their property and belongings in the country, bring their goods to the country or take them out, with no other limitations than those established by the law.

The freedom to travel could be conditioned to the obligation to provide certain documents such as the so-called personal identity card. In the same way, citizens could not invoke the freedom of transit to avoid the obligation of administrative or police authorities to monitor compliance with regulations in which public order is interested, on illegal trade and investigation of crimes of all types. Also, in case of concession of roads. Foreigners may also be given certain travels rights depending on the case and the country of their origin.

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