How Much Does A DUI Lawyer Cost In Edmonton?

February 7, 2020

How Much Does A DUI Lawyer Cost In Edmonton?

How much it will cost you to defend a DUI case depends on several factors. Some DUI lawyers in Alberta charge on a block fee basis, which means a lawyer will quote a fixed price for their services required rather than charging on an hourly basis. A fixed price to defend your case may be further broken down based on expected milestones in a case. For example, you might be charged one block fee if your case can be resolved in its initial stages without going to a trial.

A fixed price for legal services typically covers all legal fees involved. While DUI cases are becoming more complicated, a DUI trial can take two days and sometimes longer. The following are some factors that can influence the overall cost of defending a DUI case in Edmonton:

Trial Length

If we look at the stats, most summary conviction criminal cases were concluded in a single trial day. However, following the increasing legal complexities, the testimony of multiple civilian and police witnesses, and highly technical constitutional arguments can prolong a case to at least two or more days. The longer your DUI trial goes, the more costly it will be. At Slaferek Callihoo, we make sure to help our clients conclude their DUI cases as quickly as possible, helping them lower overall costs.

If you have been charged with a DUI that involves death or bodily harm, or you have a previous criminal record, the crown might prefer to proceed with your case taking indictable offence route. If your case is sent to the Superior Court of Justice, the process then can take longer to complete, leading to higher legal costs.

Experience Level

It might cost you more if you choose a highly experienced DUI lawyer who has defended hundreds of DUI cases in the past. While you should consult an experienced lawyer to improve your chances of having a successful trial, younger lawyers can still provide dependable representation at a lower cost. In case your charges involve bodily harm, death or anything serious, it’s advisable to rely on lawyers with years of accrued knowledge.

If you want both experience and cost-effective representation, contact Slaferek Callihoo. Our team of DUI lawyers in Edmonton offer years of experience in defending simple as well as complicated criminal cases. We also provide a free initial consultation to help people understand their situation from a legal perspective.

The Nature Of Your Case

Every DUI case is different. If a DUI case involves death, serious property damage, or bodily harm, it’s critical to determine the source of the accident: road conditions, mechanical malfunction, impaired driving, etc. Modern vehicles often come with sophisticated systems that provide helpful insights into the cause of an accident.

No matter your situation, it’s your right to hire an affordable lawyer that can represent your case in the best possible way. If you’re charged with a DUI in Edmonton, we’re ready to provide budget-friendly services. Don’t hesitate to schedule your free initial consultation to discuss your case in more detail!

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