How To Beat An Arrest Warrant In Canada

January 14, 2021

How To Beat An Arrest Warrant In Canada

In Canada, a warrant for a person’s arrest never expires. You must know that if an arrest warrant has been issued against you, it won’t go away with time. Your arrest warrant remains intact until you deal with your legal matter or face the police and get arrested. You cannot make your arrest warrant go away by doing nothing about it.

Here are some critical things you should know about beating an arrest warrant in Canada:

What Should I Do If There Is A Warrant For My Arrest?

Besides getting arrested, the only way to deal with an arrest warrant is to turn yourself in without making any trouble. As per your criminal charge severity, turning yourself in may result in either an early release with a promise to appear in court, or the police may keep you in custody until you are granted bail, or your criminal case gets resolved in the court of law.

Is The Best Time To Turn Yourself In For Police Custody?

If you decide to turn yourself in, you should be cautious about the day you choose to do so. Suppose you decide to turn yourself in on a Friday. In that case, the law enforcement authorities might hold you in custody until Monday for the process of your bail hearing. If you want to get your arrest warrant lifted, it’s best to turn yourself in early on a Monday to avoid ending up in prison over the weekend.

How Can I Lift My Arrest Warrant Without Spending Jail Time?

One cannot be sure whether it’s possible to avoid altogether any time spent in prison without understanding the precise nature of the criminal charges. The best way to lift an arrest warrant while avoiding jail time at the same time is to get the expert help of a professional criminal defence lawyer.

A Criminal Defence Lawyer Do For My Legal Matter?

A criminal defence attorney can look into your legal matter and contact the Crown Prosecutor on your behalf to find out about the essential details of your criminal case. For instance, your lawyer can ask the Crown Prosecutor about the level of severity you’re currently facing. They can also come to know whether the Crown would like to seek your continued detention or prefer consenting to your release.

A criminal defence lawyer can also escort you to court, make submissions in the court for you, and ease up the procedure of vacating your arrest warrant to ensure you spend the least possible amount of time in custody. A highly experienced criminal defence lawyer can help you get rid of your arrest warrant by ensuring you remain out of prison where possible.

Also, retaining a highly skilled criminal lawyer before attempting to get rid of your arrest warrant will benefit you significantly if you have been charged with a severe offence and the Crown would like to keep you in custody.

When you contact an expert criminal defence attorney before turning yourself in, you can rest assured you will have someone knowledgeable enough working on securing your immediate bail and minimise your possible jail time.

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