How To Deal With Hit And Run Charges In Edmonton

April 5, 2019

How To Deal With Hit And Run Charges In Edmonton

When a vehicle accident occurs, the drivers are required to follow certain procedures after the accident. As a driver involved in a vehicle accident, it’s important for you to stay at the scene and receive necessary medical assistance while waiting for the police to arrive. If a road accident leads to property damage, injuries to others, or death, the drivers involved should not leave the scene as this action would result in hit-and-run charges.

Hit and run accident

The term ‘hit and run’ refers to the person involved in an accident with a pedestrian, a fixed object, or another vehicle and then leaving the scene immediately without identifying themselves or reporting the incident to the police. It becomes a hit and run charge when someone leaves the scene after causing damage. If you have been charged with hit and run, it’s imperative that you consult a competent hit and run defence lawyer.

Whether the accident caused any bodily injury or not, it’s a crime to flee the scene of an accident. In Edmonton, Alberta, failure to report the accident can get you in serious trouble. If convicted, you are likely to get your license suspended and receive other penalties such as fines or even jail time. The sentence of a hit-and-run charge depends on the damage done. Deaths or serious bodily harm can lead to severe penalties for the convicted.

What leads to a hit and run charge

While laws vary from place to place, Canada has identical hit-and-run laws. A person can be charged with hit and run if:

  • You flee the scene of an accident whether it is your fault or not.
  • You leave the scene of an accident after your vehicle causes considerable damage to someone’s property or vehicle.
  • You leave the scene of an accident even when you are not directly involved in the incident.

In a situation where you’re involved in an accident, it’s advisable to exchange information and talk to the other party. Failure to do so will result in penalties which may vary depending on your location and the circumstances. It’s always a good idea to take pictures of the incident and gather as much information as possible.

Defence for a hit and run

Depending on the unique situation of your case, if you have been accused of hit and run, your lawyer may be able to argue the defence of involuntary intoxication. ‘Response to an emergency situation’ is also an effective argument. If you were dealing with an emergency situation when the accident happened, you can use your situation to defend the case. Being unaware of the accident or injury is another argument which is, however, difficult to prove. It depends on how your lawyer uses his legal expertise to defend your situation in court.

Hit and run accident defence lawyers in Edmonton

If you’re located in Edmonton or throughout Alberta and have been accused of fleeing the scene of an accident, consult one of our hit and run defence lawyers at Slaferek Callihoo. We understand the severity of the matter and what legal actions should be taken to get the charges dropped or reduced.

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