The Life-Changing Impacts Of A DUI Conviction In Canada

August 23, 2019

The Life-Changing Impacts Of A DUI Conviction In Canada

Being faced with a Impaired driving (DUI) conviction in Canada has serious consequences. If you have been charged with DUI or driving over 80, you’re likely to face many problems down the line. The best way to deal with a DUI offence is to seek proper legal guidance. A competent DUI lawyer can help you avoid the dire consequences of impaired driving.

It’s hard to find a person that goes through their entire lives without making a mistake. However, some mistakes lead to horrible consequences. DUI is one of those mistakes that can destroy your good reputation in the society. If you have been found driving drunk, tested and confirmed, you’ll face criminal charges per the Criminal Code.

When faced with a DUI offence, lack of legal knowledge and fear can be your biggest enemies. A large number of people face complicated situations with their DUI charges due to their inability to act quickly and obtain proper legal guidance from an experienced DUI defence lawyer. The following are some of the consequences of being convicted in a DUI case in Canada:

Employment hardship

Having a criminal record can badly affect your employment prospects depending on your current employment status or the nature of your job. If you’re currently seeking a job, you will be checking “yes” when asked if you’ve been convicted of a crime. Your prospective employers have the right to deny your application due to your criminal record. If you’re already employed, certain professions such as military, teaching, and medical care can terminate you immediately after you receive an impaired driving conviction.

Government employees can also lose their job upon receiving this type of conviction. Educational institutes can also deny your application, in case you want to further your education. This will ultimately impact your employment in the long run. Simply put, whether directly or indirectly, a DUI conviction will affect employment both in the present and future.

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Driving restrictions

The immediate outcome of a DUI conviction is the suspension of your driver’s license for a minimum of one year. Suspended license or limited driving privileges can completely paralyze your life and the way you like to travel. If someone is convicted of DUI for the second or third time, license restriction will apply for more than one year.

People who drive for a living may be unable to perform their work. If your ability to perform your job can get affected by driving limitations, make sure not to get charged with a DUI offence. If charged, it’s important to do your best to make sure you are not convicted of the crime. A good lawyer will certainly be able to guide you in the right direction.

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