What Happens When You Don’t Go For Fingerprints After Your Release

July 29, 2020

What Happens When You Don’t Go For Fingerprints After Your Release

When you’re arrested and get released afterwards, the authorities will most likely provide you with documents directing you to attend a nearby police station for fingerprints. You’ll also receive papers that will direct you to appear before a court on a specified date, time, and place. You must comply with these directions, as mentioned in the legal papers.

Failing To Appear Before The Court On A Specific Date

If the documents you receive indicate that you have to make an appearance before the court of law, you must appear on the specified date and time. If you don’t attend the court on the date specified in your release document, it will lead to a further criminal offence called “failing to appear”, followed by an arrest warrant.

Failing To Comply With The Subpoena Orders

If you receive a subpoena indicating that you need to be present in court on a specified date as a witness, and you don’t attend court, the judge may issue a warrant and charge you with obstruction of justice. If you’re not sure about your legal responsibilities, you should seek the advice of an expert attorney to understand what you must do in order to prevent being charged.

Failing To Appear For Fingerprinting Process

Always refer to your release documents to learn about the exact day you need to attend a police station for identification or fingerprint procedure. If the documents you receive state that you need to go to a police station for fingerprinting and you fail to appear by the specified date, you’ll get charged with a criminal offence. A warrant for your arrest will also follow.

Flexibility In Completing Identification Procedure

It’s worth noting here that unlike the court appearance mentioned in the documents, you don’t necessarily have to go for a fingerprinting procedure on a particular date as stated in your release documents. As per your convenience, you may go to the specific police station for your identification, as mentioned in your release documents, during business hours on any day before the stated date.

This means that if the documents state that you need to attend a particular police station for fingerprints within one week from the time you get released, you can complete your identification process on any day before or on the deadline day.

Failing To Meet The Fingerprints Deadline

It’s vital that you don’t miss your deadline for the identification procedure or you’ll get charged with a further criminal offence. You don’t have to worry about the police keeping your fingerprints in their database forever. If you’re not convicted of the alleged crime, you can apply for the removal of your fingerprints from their system.

Final Thoughts

If you miss your deadline for a court appearance or fingerprinting process, you’ll most likely get served with an arrest warrant. If you don’t have a professional lawyer on retainer, you’ll have no choice but to go to the nearest police station and turn yourself in. After that, the police will decide on your re-release and its conditions. Apart from that, you’ll also get charged with the criminal offence of “failing to appear.”

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