What To Do When Charged With A Criminal Offence In Edmonton Alberta

July 19, 2019

What To Do When Charged With A Criminal Offence In Edmonton Alberta

It’s a stressful situation when you have to deal with criminal charges which can potentially lead to a criminal conviction. The only considerate way to ensure peace of mind is through proper legal guidance. The following are some of the steps you might go through which include valuable tips that will help when dealing with a criminal offence in Edmonton:

Police interaction

Before someone is formally charged in Canada, they are likely to be arrested. One important thing to bear in mind is that you have the right to counsel and the police must inform you of your rights and allow you to access a lawyer. The police might ask many questions during the interrogation process.

However, you have the right to remain silent and answer only mandatory questions which are related to your identity. You must speak to a competent criminal lawyer before answering critical questions that can have an impact in your case. The information you provide during the process can be used against you to weaken your position.

Court appearance

The police often release the accused while making it mandatory for the accused to appear in court on the said date. It’s imperative to appear in court on the due date and on time or the accused will be issued a warrant and more charges will follow. The first court appearance usually ends up in scheduling the next appearance. If a case is complex, court appearances can go on for several months, which can be very frustrating. However, you can hire a criminal lawyer to represent you in court.


This is where you can get a copy of evidence that the police and the Crown have gathered to prosecute your case. It is your constitutional right to know the evidence being used against you. It is presented in the form of a package by the Crown. In some situations, the accused might be able to get the disclosure before the court starts.

The disclosure may include physical evidence or witness statements. It’s important to carefully examine the evidence before accepting any offer from the prosecution. A lawyer would be able to better evaluate the evidence to determine whether you should proceed to trial or enter a guilty plea.

Entering a plea

Guilty or not guilty are two possible outcomes when you enter a plea to the alleged crimes. In case you plead guilty, it will lead to sentencing and a conviction which can have a tragic impact on your life. The judge has the right to reject your plea and instruct you to proceed to trial. You need to understand that a criminal conviction is something that can completely change your life.

From employment opportunities to driving and traveling abroad, having a criminal record can impact many aspects of your life. Make sure you hire a good lawyer who can help you avoid this. For example, if you’re convicted of a DUI offence, the prohibition on driving can paralyze your life. Pleading not guilty will lead to a trial which can be a stressful phase in your case, but can be very rewarding if you are represented by the right law firm.

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