How To Defend Against Fraud Charges

June 24, 2022


Fraud is a serious crime that needs to be defended if wrongly charged. Especially in Canada, the penalties for a fraud charge can be quite harsh, which can make it difficult for you to defend against them. However, mistakes and misunderstandings can lead a person to fraud charges. Therefore, one needs to be aware of how to defend against such charges and how to keep yourself safe from harsh punishments.

Every case is unique for fraud charges, and the defence will depend on the circumstances. Therefore, hiring an experienced lawyer can help you overcome these difficulties and strengthen your case. Slaferek Law offers professional and reliable services for fraud charges and helps you to get out of the situation. This blog post mentions the ways to defend against fraud charges.

Mistake Of Identity

Many charges occur because of a person’s stolen money, property, or identity. However, it doesn’t mean that the victim has face-to-face contact with the suspect or the culprit. In fact, with the rise of e-commerce social media and banking, fraud over the internet is becoming more common.

Therefore, hasty investigation can often lead to the wrong results, and if you are charged with a crime that has nothing to do with you, your attorney can consider it as a mistake of identity and will seek to prove that you have an alibi for the crime.

Lack Of Fraudulent Intent

Another way to defend against a fraud charge is to argue that you were unaware that your actions were fraudulent or dishonest. You can also say that you were unaware of the act that might lead to fraud, so you cannot be conducted of this particular offence.

However, this defensive measure might not always work, especially if you were reckless or wilfully blind to a certain fact. In such cases, a powerful lawyer can help you overcome some situations.

Many acquisitions of fraud often come up because mistakes were misunderstood. The accuser might think that you were trying to take advantage of them or their business, but the truth is that you were simply lacking important information and the fraud rules at that time. In such situations, your lawyer can help you clear things up and work to get the charges dropped.

Moreover, if you have committed fraud, you must have had the intent to do so. And to support that charge, you must have intentionally or willfully defrauded a person or a business. Any credit card fraud, identity theft, or other related offences cannot happen by accident. Without reasonable proof of your fraud, there would not be enough evidence to convict you.

The Victim’s Consent

You could not be charged with a fraud-related crime if the alleged victim consented to your actions. Whether it was a business or a person who permitted you to do whatever you are accused of, this can be a great defence to the charges against you.

Your actions might be ill-advised, but it doesn’t mean that a victim has complete control over you and can charge any fraud-related crime against you because they were equally involved in that crime.


A fraud charge can put great penalties and punishments on you for a lifetime. The situation can get even more difficult if you find it hard to find justice in your country.

Hiring a professional lawyer for fraud charges can help you get out of those charges as soon as possible using various defensive measures. The success of your case can save you from the sentences of the fraud charge. Therefore, getting into contact with a reliable law firm is important.

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