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Unlike the popular perception of the public, domestic violence does not simply constitute acts of physical violence such as slapping, pulling by the hair, or punching. Acts of emotional torture such as harsh and inappropriate language, threats, and intentionally restricting a spouse or intimate partner’s financial freedom also fall under domestic violence. Sadly, spouses believe that they are on the safe side and can treat their partners in any way they want as long as they do not physically hurt them. These thoughts, however, are the main reason many fall into the pit of domestic violence charges.

In other instances, some people will even use domestic violence charges to get revenge on their partner for the latter’s previous wrongdoings. Regardless, it is safe to say that allegations of domestic violence and mistreatment are a common occurrence not only in Alberta or Canada but throughout the world.

If you are facing such allegations and fear the loss of your reputation in the eyes of your family or society, then you have come to the right spot. Slaferek Law’s certified and experienced team of domestic assault lawyers has got your back.

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    Charges Of Domestic Violence And Their Legal Aspects

    Traditionally, domestic violence only consisted of physical violence against women and children in domestic settings. However, modern legislation has extended its peripheries to become all-inclusive with no regard for a victim’s age, marital status, gender, sexual orientation, ethnic background, etc.

    Thus, domestic violence and its legalities are also applicable to same-sex unions, live-in relationships, marriages, and any other intimate relationships.

    Although the Canadian Criminal Code does not have specific provisions for family violence, such acts are, nonetheless, treated as offences in Canada with severe consequences. The Crown uses the general definitions of simple assault, assault causing bodily harm, aggravated assault, and sexual assault to define an act as violence in a domestic setting.

    For this reason, there is no fixed one-for-all penalty system for domestic violence and the court treats each family’s unique circumstances differently. So if you are charged with domestic violence, the legal consequences of a conviction could include:

    • Fines or minor imprisonment
    • A criminal record
    • Major imprisonment sentences for more aggressive acts
    • DNA order
    • Weapons prohibition order
    • Probation and conditions to partake in Partner Assault Response (PARS) counselling

    Evidently, the need for legal counsel and an excellent defence strategy against charges of domestic violence becomes even more crucial.

    Thanks to the tremendous experience and diversity of our team of domestic assault lawyers in Edmonton, we are able to successfully defend our clients from all unjust charges.

    Family Violence And The Societal Stigma

    All it takes for domestic violence to occur is a heated moment. However, that slight momentary slip reaps interminable consequences that haunt an individual for their whole life. By consequences, we do not simply wish to emphasize the legal outcomes of a conviction but want to broaden the discussion to the reputational damage such charges can cause.

    From employment restrictions to deteriorating familial and social relationships, domestic violence charges can reap unimaginably painful and long-lasting results. As Edmonton’s long-standing domestic assault lawyers, we understand the frustration of having to withstand the prying eyes of colleagues, friends, and family.

    As a result, we rely on our in-depth knowledge and professional competence as domestic assault lawyers to not only dissuade a conviction but also to formally dismiss the charges.

    Domestic Assault Lawyers That Save Your Stature

    Our primary aim behind every defence strategy is to not only minimize the legal adversaries of a conviction but to have the charges lifted and prevent any reputational impairment.

    Since so much is at stake, you must seek legal representation from domestic assault lawyers who can provide the perfect balance between professionalism and compassion. At Slaferek Law, we treat every case to the best of our capacity and seek out multiple defence strategies, including early resolutions and gathering evidence that renders the charges false.

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