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What Is Domestic Violence?

Contrary to popular belief, domestic violence encompasses more than just physical acts like slapping, hair-pulling, or punching. It also includes emotional abuse, such as the use of harsh and inappropriate language, threats, and deliberate financial restrictions imposed on a spouse or intimate partner.

Unfortunately, many individuals mistakenly believe that as long as they do not physically harm their partners, they can treat them however they want. It is precisely these misconceptions that often lead individuals into the dangerous territory of domestic violence charges.

Moreover, there are instances where people maliciously employ domestic violence charges as a means of seeking revenge against their partners for past grievances. Consequently, allegations of domestic violence and mistreatment are distressingly common, not only in Alberta or Canada but worldwide.

How Can We Help?

If you are presently confronted with such allegations and experiencing apprehension about potential damage to your reputation within your family and society, take comfort in knowing that you have arrived at the right destination. The committed legal defence team at Slaferek Law includes a certified and experienced domestic assault lawyer who is wholeheartedly devoted to providing support throughout this difficult period.

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    Domestic Violence Charges And Their Legal Aspects

    Traditionally, domestic violence was commonly associated with physical violence against women and children in domestic settings. However, in recent years, there has been a growing recognition of the need to address domestic violence comprehensively and inclusively. Therefore, modern legislation has extended its peripheries to become all-inclusive with no regard for a victim's age, marital status, gender, sexual orientation, ethnic background, etc.

    Canadian law recognizes family violence as a crime, even though it does not have specific provisions in the Canadian Criminal Code. Thus, domestic violence and its legalities are also applicable to same-sex unions, live-in relationships, marriages, and any other intimate relationships.

    The Consequences Of A Domestic Assault Offence

    The Crown uses the general definitions of simple assault, assault causing bodily harm, aggravated assault, and sexual assault to define an act of violence in a domestic setting.

    As a result, domestic violence penalties are not fixed, and each family's circumstances are treated differently by the court. So, if you are charged with domestic violence, the legal consequences of a conviction could include:

    • Fines or minor imprisonment
    • A criminal record
    • Major imprisonment sentences for more aggressive acts
    • DNA order
    • Weapons prohibition order
    • Probation and conditions to partake in Partner Assault Response (PARS) counselling

    The need for legal counsel and an excellent defence strategy against charges of domestic violence becomes even more crucial, considering the vast range of these offences.

    Due to the vast experience and diverse expertise of our domestic assault lawyer in Edmonton, we possess the capability to effectively defend our clients against any unfounded charges.

    Family Violence And The Societal Stigma

    All it takes for domestic violence to occur is a heated moment. However, that slight momentary slip reaps interminable consequences that haunt an individual for their whole life. Domestic violence charges can result in unimaginably painful and long-lasting consequences, ranging from employment restrictions to deteriorating relationships within families and communities.

    As Edmonton's long-standing domestic assault lawyer, we understand the frustration of having to withstand the prying eyes of colleagues, friends, and family. We rely on our in-depth knowledge and professional competence as domestic assault legal experts to dissuade a conviction and formally dismiss the charges.

    Domestic Assault Lawyer That Save Your Stature

    Our main objective with every defence strategy is to minimize the legal implications of a conviction, seek to have the charges dismissed and protect your reputation. As so much is on the line, it is crucial to seek legal representation from a domestic assault lawyer who can effectively balance professionalism and compassion.

    At Slaferek Law, we handle each case to the best of our abilities and explore various defence strategies, including pursuing early resolutions and gathering evidence that disproves the charges.

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